Detox Body Scrub - Udvartana

Detox Body Scrub - Udvartana

“Udvartana, fabulous to to get your skin beach ready for that lovely tan”

The herbs used in Udvartana are dried into a powder and are hot in potency. When the herbal powders and oils are rubbed on the skin with a specific action it opens the pores, removes blockages in the vessels, and increases heat in the tissues which stimulates fat metabolism.

Udvartana acts on fat tissues with a liquefying action and used to target areas of concern. The herbs and Ayurvedic massage techniques help to draw out impurities and reduce water retention.


  • To work with healthy eating plan 
  • Improving skin complexion
  • Helping to relieve stress and induce relaxation
  • Removing blockages in blood vessels
  • Stimulating fat metabolism
  • Reducing and balancing vata and kapha
  • Supporting healthy liver function
  • Preparing the skin for sun tan