Indian Head Massage

Indian Head Massage

Indian head massage (IHM) incorporates massage and various acupressure techniques to manipulate and stimulate the soft tissues in the upper back, shoulders, arms, hands, neck, scalp, head, and face. Aside from the possible physical benefits, IHM May help on an emotional level with its calming effect promoting relaxation, and relieving stress.


  • relieving eye strain
  • relieving insomnia
  • easing headaches 
  • relaxing muscles
  • relaxing and toning facial muscles
  • stimulating the hair and scalp
  • localized blood and lymphatic circulation
  • boosting the immune system
  • restoring joint movement
  • relieving sinusitis
  • reducing stress on the mind and body
  • releasing anxiety

There are 37 Marma points in the head and neck region and massaging these areas helps to improve oxygen supply in the brain which helps to reduce stress. Improving oxygen supply is important in helping you to think more clearly and creatively. This treatment is recognised by companies such as  Medicash

In this treatment I use Shirodhara oil with active ingredients of eucalyptus and fennel. This oils may help to calm the nervous system, promoting the body’s ability to resist stress and maintaining energy reserves.