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You One area of the brain that is changed through meditation is the amygdala. The amygdala produces feelings of anxiety, fear and general stress and it is physically smaller in the brains of expert meditators. An eight-week crash course in mindfulness-based meditation reduces stress and  leads to a measurable decrease in the size of the amygdala. The smaller it is, the less it dictates our emotional responses, especially those of the “fight-or-flight” genre. Is it any wonder how fabulous we feel when a daily meditation regimen is part of our daily  lives?

Also, many common health problems involve an imbalance of our nervous system:: high blood pressure, heart problems, poor digestion, anxiety, imbalance in mental states and a whole host of growing autoimmune disorders. Meditation and breath work, on a regular basis, help with imbalances.

Meditation is a natural state, just like walking, dreaming and deep sleep and it involves a shift from thinking and doing, to just simply ‘being’ . Meditation is  a mental and physical process where we learn to separate ourselves from our thoughts and feelings to become fully aware.

Finding the right conditions and time in today’s fast paced world can be challenging but it is absolutely achievable and should be an integral part of our well-being.  Meditation helps us to see the patterns of our mind and teaches us to stay in the present moment. By not looking into the past or future, we seek to open what is closed in us, balance what is reactive and explore what is hidden.

Often, our senses and bodies are closed. Time lost in thought, judgement, fantasy and daydreams means we do not pay careful attention to the direct experience of sight, sound, smell, taste and other sensations in the body.

When our attention is scattered, our perception becomes clouded. As meditation strengthens awareness and concentration, we spend less time lost in thoughts and gain greater sensitivity and refinement in our sense impressions.

Here is a link to twelve Science based benefits of meditation