THE AMNANDA PROCESS * £50 | 60 mins

THE AMNANDA PROCESS  * £50 | 60 mins


This process is suitable for clients who are 22 years or over, with no severe mental or physical issues. 

Amnanda is a Sanskrit word that means “Path to joy” and is a method of renewal, restoration and rewiring of both the body and mind.

The Amnanda Process is suitable for men and women and helps with  

  • Grief or loss
  • Trauma
  • Stress
  • New career
  • New relationship
  • Pregnancy
  • Retirement
  • New job

The Process is supported by two herbal teas:

  • Amaiva Green Tea which boosts the immune system 
  • Woman/Man Vital Tea which helps support the hormonal system.

Also, for two months during the year, a tincture is taken daily to strengthen and tone the skin and connective tissues.


  • Re-programme cells as non-constructive and painful memories are released.
  • Reduce/resolve inflammatory process beneath the skin 
  • Promote cellular metabolism of skin and muscles 
  • Reduce skin blemishes and callous lesions 
  • Increase cellular metabolism and tones the connective tissue 
  • Improves complexion 
  • There are also subtle changes and spiritual changes
  • The whole psychosomatic system improves energy levels from the beginning with a change to inner attitude as you experience more harmony and joy


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