Distance - Ayurveda & The Fertile Body Method

Distance - Ayurveda & The Fertile Body Method

As a Fertile Body Method therapist, I recognise that fertility issues can affect you on every level. whether you are experiencing unexplained infertility, medical infertility where you choose IVF or other methods of conception. Although we cannot always control what happens in life, you can change how you respond to it. The Fertile Body Method Therapy can support you on your journey.

By choosing a holistic, mind-body approach to fertility, it can help to reduce stress and restore physical, mental, and emotional balance and wellbeing.

The Fertile Body Method approach is to help to find and resolve issues that may be consciously or unconsciously preventing conception.

Adopting a mind body approach to fertility is not a new concept. Ayurveda is an ancient health care system of the East and advised that the fertility of a women can be enhanced by restoring her natural equilibrium by looking at her physical, mental, and emotional health.

Ayurveda also looks at the natural equilibrium for men. Too much heat increases pitta – weakening the sperm and semen and recognises that yoga and herbs can help and also helps with libido.

Any disruption in this equilibrium may have a negative influence on health, resulting in health conditions, including infertility.

What to Expect 

In a recent documentary by the comedian Rhod Gilbert, he highlighted the lack of support for men. The Fertile Body Method is designed for both males and females. If applicable, I will send individual questionnaire out to both to get an overview  but will only work with one person as The Fertile Body Method is tailored to you and your unique circumstances.

By setting goals and addressing your overall well-being, developing your inner resources, and looking at lifestyle and external factors we can try to explore what is inhibiting fertility, we can work with the unresolved issues and address any negative feelings or fears.

We will work with the conscious and the unconscious using specific tools, visualization, mental rehearsal, guided imagery, relaxation techniques. Then there is the preparation stage for mental, emotional, and physical for potential pregnancy, medical treatments such as IVF, giving you a sense of control.

The support stage is to help with changes in your life, whatever the outcome of your journey is. We can create the perfect garden, but it is then down to mother nature herself what happens. Life does not always go to plan but how we deal with life is the key to live in natural equilibrium.