Distance - Dien Chan Zone - Facial Reflexology

Distance -  Dien Chan Zone - Facial Reflexology

Dien Chan Zone originated in Vietnam and further developed and adapted in Italy. Due to inspiration and passion of those who found the many health benefits, Dien Chan Zone is now growing in popularity world-wide. 

Dien Chan Zone is an ancient technique that has been adapted into a new technique and helps to restore internal harmony with a speed of efficiency that your just would not believe. Take a headache for example, there is every change the headache has gone before you had change to recite the alphabet.

Our entire body, every organ, every muscle and our internal systems are connected to the face through the nervous system. By stimulating the skin on the face the vibrational action prompts the nervous system to instantly respond by reaching the targeted areas within the body, promoting balance and a deep, deep, self-healing.