Foot and  leg massage - Padabhyanga

“It is thought that disease does not go near a person who massages his/her legs and feet from knee to toes regularly.”

Foot and Leg Massage – Padabhyanga – 45 mins £40

Padabhyanga is a traditional Ayurvedic preventative health treatment.

Known as the ‘mother’ of all Ayurvedic treatments, Padabhyanga massage concentrates on the feet, lower legs, and knees. Not only does this treatment offer many health benefits it is a highly regarded treatment for preventative health and recommended as a regular routine.

There are as many as seven thousand nerve endings in each foot and by stimulating your feet vital pathways are opened which help to release any stagnated energy and revitalise your whole being.

Just as the feet have marma points, so do your knees and legs so these two areas are included in this treatment.

Good for: soothing nerves, improved sleep patterns, relaxation, great after a long flight, great for runners and other sports people, good to have for preventive health.