Full Body Massage - Marma Abhyanga

MARMA ABHYANGA - 60 mins - £50 

Stimulate your unconscious bodily processes with Marma Abhyanga.

Marma Abhyanga is a full body rejuvenating herb infused oil massage which concentrates on marma points and includes some yogic stretches.

Marmas are vital points and when stimulated they encourage a healthy flow of energy (known as prana) and therefore encouraging a good lymphatic flow, good blood circulation and promotes a  positive effect on your immune system.

If we use the metaphor of a river, the systems in our body are like flowing rivers and blockages cause stagnation and stagnation causes disease. Keeping your rivers flowing is the heart of ayurveda and  preventative health.

As energy points are manipulated the action helps to calm your nervous system and your body and mind will feel rejuvenated and peaceful.

Good for: relaxation, detoxification, fatigue, anxiety, nourishment to skin, excellent for stress management.