Indian Head Massage - Champissage

Indian Head Massage - Champissage -45mins £40

Improve the oxygen flow to your brain and boost your immune system with Indian Head Massage.

By choosing Indian Head Massage you will be experiencing one of the most important therapies in the Ayurvedic system of health and well-being.

There are 37 Marma points in our head and neck region and by massaging these areas it helps to improve oxygen supply to the brain helping to reduce stress. By Improving oxygen supply to the brain, it helps you to think more clearly and promotes your creativity.

Indian Head Massage is a very powerful, remedial treatment which will leave you feeling fabulous.

Indian Head Includes a massage to the upper back, upper arms, lower arms, and face and then completed with energy treatment to the head.

Ayurvedic oils, infused with fennel and eucalyptus are used in this treatment. Fennel is good for the scalp, reducing anxiety and fabulous for mental focus. Eucalyptus is also good for mental clarity and stress reduction so the oil is great for bringing calmness and serenity to you holistically.

 Good for: eye strain, headaches, anxiety, stress reduction, relaxation and tonification of the facial muscles, tension.