Back Massage - Pristhabhyanga


Increase your flexibility  and enhance your body and mind connection with this fabulous remedial back massage.

Pristhabhyanga focuses on marma points down the sides of the spine. Our spine plays a vital role in supporting the body and the central nervous system and therefore optimal health. Pressure techniques used in this massage are incredibly effective yet gentle, ensuring you have a soothing, relaxing, and therapeutic treatment.

When your body succumbs to relaxation, so does your nervous system, your heart rate lowers, and breathing slows down encouraging your own body healing system to work its magic.

 Good for: backache, relaxation of muscles, stress reduction, encouraging energy flow, removing blockages on the flow of bio-energy



"I had the express Prishtabhanga back massage and LOVED it! Felt longer than 30 mins, excellent value for money and a lovely relaxing therapy room. Friendly therapist with friendly knowledge, and I slept the best I have in ages. Will be booking ing in again soon 🙏🏻 💆🏻‍♀️"