Detox/Exfoliation Massage  - Udvartana

UDVARTANA - 45 mins £40

Remove blockages and bring lustre to your skin with Udvartana.

Udvartana originated in India and is an invigorating herbal powder detox/ cleansing and detoxifying treatment.

This full body treatment uses herbal powder which is rubbed onto your skin. Both the powder and massage techniques help to draw out impurities and breakdown adipose tissue under the skin.

When used as regular treatment, and used alongside a healthy eating plan, Udvartana may help to reduce cellulite and promote weight lost. Udvartana works on the liver, kidneys, colon, lungs and the lymphatic system.

The natural ingredients also exfoliate, leaving a lovely glow to the surface of your skin and is great treatment to have before and after a holiday in the sun.

Good for: detoxification, exfoliation, poor blood circulation, cellulite, kapha imbalance.