“Nature itself is the best physician” Hippocrates

UPDATE 19th FEBRUARY  ***Distance therapies with Janet from Mindful Ayurveda are available to book now**

Mindful Ayurveda offers Complementary therapies, Meditation, but the main emphasis is AYURVEDA. The therapy centre is designed with relaxation in mind.

Bring balance into you life and step into the world of peace and tranquillity as you discover how Mindful Ayurveda helps your Self- Care routine.


Ayurveda is a complete wellness system that encompasses all aspects of our well-being. Each one of us have an individual constitution known as Dosha, and each Dosha has its own inborn approach to managing physical and mental energies.

Doshas are dynamic energies that are affected and being affected by present conditions at any moment of time.

Self-care is important and helps to maintain homeostasis by balancing your unique constitution. By having regular Ayurvedic Therapies, they will help your inner pharmacy as your body detoxifies brings nourishment to your cells and strengthens and revitalizes your body.

Regular Ayurvedic therapies help to improve lymph flow, stimulates the immune system, aim to increase longevity by helping to prevent premature ageing, increase energy levels and promotes better levels of energy.

Using Dosha specific products and Ayurvedic massage techniques will make your experience a truly, fabulous treatments for Self-Love and Self-Care.

Stress is a threat to the body’s equilibrium. Stress is a part of our flight-or-fight-response triggering powerful hormones and neurochemicals. Whilst natural stress is a necessity an overload can lead to Chronic stress - depression and anxiety. Chronic stress results from the brain getting locked in the same pattern, as you ’live in you head‘ and ignore your body.

Everyone’s stress threshold is unique and Ayurveda looks at external influences and how they affect a particular body type. How a person reacts is down to their internal constitution. What affects the mind will affect the body and vice versa.


Massage helps to reduce stress in the body. In Ayurveda we oil therapies to calm down the mind by pacifying air and fire. Oil is heavy so it reduces fire
Touch through relaxing massage helps reduce air movement.

Pinda Sweda - Ayurvedic herbal bolus treatment, helps to calm down the nervous system and also helps to nourish, bringing balance into the active mind and body.

Padabhyanga- Foot Massage when done regularly this will help to release excess heat in the body and prevent recurrent headaches, sweating and much more


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