Meet Your Therapist - Janet Mantle MFHT HPD DSFH AfSFH (reg) MNCH (reg)

I am a qualified Ayurvedic Massage Therapist, a Clinical Psychotherapist Hypnotherapist, Meditation and Mindfulness teacher, Reiki Master and The Amnanda Process facilitator.

Professional membership is with the Federation of Holistic Therapists, National Council of Hypnotherapy and Association of Solution Focused Hypnotherapy.

With having an advanced DBS check I am able to work with both children and adults.

How to Book 

You can book via my professional booking system Keia:


or contact myself - Janet by phone 07706524793

or complete the contact form on this website.

There is also an opportunity to have a free 15 minute Vidoe Call, book via my booking system.

Discovering Ayurveda 

I discovered Ayurveda in Goa and I wanted my clients to feel as good as I felt after the Abhyanga Massage.

I signed up for my first course with VTCT college and that was in Indian Head Champissage. Then there was no stopping me and I keep on learning.

Teaming Up With

Mindful Ayurveda is a one stop place for energy treatments and hypnotherapy. Mindful Ayurveda has a professional relationship with An Ayurvedic Practitioner so, we really have your best interest at heart.

At Mindful Ayurveda 

We help busy professionals to create calm and build better habits around self-care and wellbeing which all go to help improve mental and physical health.

Preventative health is the key to longevity and Ayurveda advocates this through the many branches. Ayurvedic Massage is one of those branches.

From a tranquil treatment room in Birkenhead, a wide range of therapies and massage treatments are offered.

Ayurvedic treatments 

Based on Ancient Indian teachings around balancing wellness of mind, body and spirit these physical hands-on therapies support the treatment of:

Preventative Health
Stress and tension

Common health and wellbeing issues that my clients are experiencing at the start of treatment include:

Sleeping badly, never feel refreshed or properly rested
Feeling overwhelmed and difficulties relaxing
Stressed and holding tension causing pressure on relationships
Feeling distracted and ‘not being present’
Experiencing brain fog and ‘monkey mind’
Issues around fertility and conception

To book your treatment please book here


 Solution–focused Hypnotherapy

Solution Focused Hypnotherapy is a highly effective cutting-edge combination of positive psychotherapy and relaxing pleasant hypnosis.

Solution Focused Hypnotherapy uses practical, modern, and well-researched strategies to help people make significant, positive changes in their lives over a relatively short period of time.

Hypnosis itself reduces anxiety and this is achieved very simply. Using a combination of relaxation and visualisation. I help clients to focus on the positive aspects of their lives and this encourages that all important shift in perspective.

I conduct sessions from my treatment room in Birkenhead, or they can be done at your home, even over video call.

What can Hypnotherapy help with?

Stress & Anxiety - for children and adults
Low mood
Fears, phobia & trauma
Healthy weight management
Smoking cessation
Sleep problems
Chronic pain management
Concentration for study and revision
and much more


It is no secret that meditation helps with many areas of concerns such as stress, anxiety, sleep issues, addiction, pain, blood pressure issues, but it also helps with self awareness, emotional health, attention span, memory loss which is age related and an shift in our kindness to others

if you would like to add on meditation to any treatment please speak to your therapist Janet.

The Amnanda Process

A combination of talking therapy and hands on treatment this process is one of the most relaxing treatments to have. Please refer to the website for more details.


“I met Janet by chance, after an introduction by a colleague. I had hit a wall – the pandemic has led to a range of stresses and strains which had become ‘normalised’. I didn’t realise how much I was giving to work at the expense of my family and my own health. I now have a monthly treatment with Janet which help me enormously. Janet has also taught me lots of breathing exercises and mini meditations which I do every day. I can’t recommend Janet highly enough.” Lindsey Moore