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          “Nature itself is the best physician” Hippocrates

Mindful Ayurveda is the business name for Therapies by Health and Wellness professional Janet Mantle MFHT


Mindful Ayurveda offers Complementary therapies, and Meditation, but Ayurveda is the heart of therapies offered in surroundings that help you to unwind, relax, complimenting your self-care and self-help routine.


Each one of us has our individual constitution known as Dosha and each Dosha has its own inborn approach to managing physical and mental energies. 

Doshas are dynamic energies that are affected and being affected by present conditions at any moment and Ayurveda believes that well-being is an individualised affair.

Maintain your unique homeostasis by having regular Ayurvedic therapies which will help you to relax, detoxify and will nourish, strengthen and revitalise  your body. 

Regular Ayurvedic therapies help to improve lymph flow, stimulate the immune system, increase longevity, prevent premature ageing, increase energy levels, promote sleep patterns, helps pain management and improves the texture of the skin.

Using Dosha specific products and Ayurvedic massage techniques makes therapies with Janet at Mindful Ayurveda a truly, fabulous treatment for Self Love and Self Care.


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Ayurvedic Therapies, Meditation & The Fertile BODY METHOD

Guided Meditation Treatment

“A treatment of words not hands” Peel away layers of stress as you embark on your journey of self care. With each stage of the journey you will step into a deeper state of relaxation. Starting with some gentle exercises, encouraging the free flow of energy, just like the energy of a water fall freely flowing into a river. The destination of your waterfall is the river of relaxation.

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The Amnanda Process

The Amnanda Process was developed from a Tibetan tradition of Ayurveda. Amnanda is a Sanskrit word which means "path to joy". The Amnanda process used a combination of touch, herbs, oils and counselling techniques to begin a process designed to release the negative effects of deeply held stress and tension on your body and mind. The Amnanda Process is a journey that unfolds over twelve months, releasing the effects of trauma held in different areas of the body. With each successive treatment the process works at deeper levels. Healing begins from the first treatment with each person’s journey being highly individual, but always includes renewed enthusiasm, greater clarity and direction in life and restored youthful vitality.

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Full Body - Flowing Abhyanga

Starting off on the back of your body, a dosha-specific, warm herb-infused oil, is drizzled on to your skin then encouraged down into the dhatus (tissues), where the herbs can work more effectively. This Flowing Abhyanga continues on your front starting with warm oil being poured into your nabhi (navel). The navel presents an abundance of blood vessels and the oil is absorbed through the navel pathways. This full body massage is the most popular repeat booking therapy at Mindful Ayurveda. The aim of Flowing Abhyanga is to unblock stagnated energy, helping to promote homeostasis. It is also an excellent skin exfoliation.

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Ayurvedic Yoga Massage

Ayurvedic Yoga Massage (AYM) starts with a deep tissue oil massage using hands to warm up the muscles and soft tissues. Once the muscles and soft tissues are warm then the feet are used for a deeper stretch. Ayurvedic Yoga Massage encourages breathing exercises to help improve your body’s circulation. Organic Sesame oil and topical Ayurvedic herb – calamus – is used throughout the treatment. The use of Calamus root creates a pleasant exfoliating feeling, but more importantly helps with blood circulation, brings toxins out of the body and acts as nerve tonic, absolutely excellent for calming the mind.

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Back Therapy - Pristhabhyanga

Increase your flexibility with this remarkable back massage known as Pristhabhyanga. Your body and your mind will feel the benefits from this Ayurvedic remedial treatment. Using specific Ayurvedic techniques and different forms of pressure and hand movements, further enhanced by the use of warm, herb infused oils, may make this therapy, an exceptionally effective treatment for many back issues. The spine plays a pivotal role in sustaining and supporting a balance in the central nervous system. Pristhabhyanga routine concentrates down the spinal region, but also incorporates other parts of back, neck, and shoulders.

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Indian Head

By choosing Indian Head Massage you will be experiencing one of the most important therapies in the Ayurvedic system of health. Indian Head Massage recognises the relationship between our head, neck, shoulders, and arms and incorporates these into the treatment. It is excellent and effective for the treatment of stress-related ailments such as migraines and headaches and is a great way of releasing toxins from tense and knotted muscles. This treatment may helps to improve oxygen flow to the brain, and releases endorphins to encourage a good night's sleep.

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Head Neck & Shoulders - Shirobhyanga

This treatment concentrates on the three key areas of stress build up which present symptoms of pain, tension and tightness. Shirobhyanga focuses on the head, neck and shoulders, areas where a lot of clients find their stress and tension. De-stressing for the whole of the body, Shirobhyanga may help to induce a state of calm, peace and tranquillity whilst promoting high levels of alertness and concentration. Shirobhyanga may help to strengthen the nervous system and blood circulation, whilst nourishing the hair. In accordance with your body’s capabilities, there is some stretching involved too.

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Foot Massage - Padabhyanga

Padabhyanga - Indian Reflexology has a very special place within the Ayurvedic tradition and is a preventive therapeutic treatment which may have many health benefits. It is thought that disease does not go near a person who massages his/her legs and feet from knee to toes on a regular basis. Known as Indian reflexology, Padabhyanga is effective in bringing about a deep state of relaxation.

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Shirodhara - Ayurvedic Oil Flow

This therapy is exclusive to Ayurveda and is known as the KING of all therapies. A deeply relaxing treatment which may help to balance the nervous system, strengthens the immune system, and Induces a deep state of meditation and relaxation. Shirodhara has a gift of enveloping you in mental serenity as it soothes and encourages endorphin production in the body which promotes an increase to the flow of oxygen to the brain. Firstly, the marma points of the face will be massaged followed by the Shirodhara treatment where a stream of warm infused oil flows on the forehead where the third eye chakra is.

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Detox Body Scrub - Udvartana

Udvartana is a cleansing treatment which leaves lustre to your skin surface. The herbs used in Udvartana warm up the fat tissues. This treatment can work alongside your healthy weight loss plan or detox. . The ground dried herbs used in Udvartana are sourced from equatorial forests of India and Asia. These herbs are vigorously rubbed over your skin and may improve digestion and is a great exfoliation and may help to support a healthy liver function. Regular treatments may help to reduce cellulite.

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Pinda Sweda - Pummelling Therapy

This therapeutic Ayurvedic pummelling massage known as Pinda Sweda, combines massage and sweat therapy using heat-holding boluses. Soothing for overworked muscles, nourishing, strengthening, rejuvenating for the whole body and appreciated and enjoyed by many. May be good for sport related issues, stress management, muscle weakness, insomnia, inflammation and stiffness to joints. Draw fresh energy to the surface of your skin with this delightful, detoxifying pummelling massage and feel like a new you.

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Rejuvenating Energy Flow Facials

Rejuvenating Energy Flow Facials deliver exceptional, visible, and immediate results to your skin with a huge emphasis on relaxation and wellbeing. Rejuvenating Energy Flow Facials are tailor-made for you according to your unique Ayurvedic skin type and involves massage on vital points on the face, neck, and head, leaving your skin with a youthful vibrant glow. By massaging vital points there is an increase in the movement of energy which stimulates blood flow and collagen helping in the reduction of problem lines.

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Ayurvedic Fertility

Mindful Ayurveda brings two very important therapies together and that is the Science of Ayurveda with The Fertile Mind Body Method. Your mind and body are in constant communication with each other. Each thought that you have, produces a chemical change in your body. If you have ever been through an intense period of worry and stress you will already be aware how this can impact on every aspect of your life. Whether you are planning ahead and want to have the best preparation for pregnancy or you are experiencing unexplained fertility issues then find our more about Ayurvedic Fertility

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Mindful Ayurveda’s Meditation

Group Meditation to be announced in 2021 Extend your human consciousness into the realms of new experience as Meditation quietens mental activity which normally depends upon constant sensory input. How we get into a meditative state is down to the techniques we use. My interest in meditation stems back many years buying books from Borders In Cheshire Oaks, sitting reading, practicing. This was in a time that meditation wasn’t an everyday topic, and look how it has grown. Luckily I live in walking distance of a Buddhist centre and was able to experience meditation in a group and then share home made soup and conversation after. Then I found kundalini yoga and gong baths. I have since done two in depth courses, both totally different from each other.

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Complementary and Oncology

Oriental Natural Facelift

Oriental Natural Facelift (Tsuboki) is an energy facial which works on eight meridians. With seven of these meridians being yang, it may help to explain why so many clients report feeling deeply relaxed during the massage but balanced and energized afterwards. Our internal organs have their own physiological and invisible energy functions. Activating specific acupressure points (known as tsubos) along these meridian pathways, helps to restore balance to the whole of the body. Tsuboki also works on the lymphatic system encouraging the removal of toxins and metabolic waste. The techniques used in Tsuboki, may help to prevent lines and wrinkles, reduce puffiness, and improve the appearance of the skin. No wonder Tsuboki is considered a natural facelift!

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Oriental Hand Therapy

Oriental Hand Therapy (Tsuboki) is a remarkable and soothing, gift for our hands, as they are one of the hardest working parts of our body. Oriental Hand Therapy helps as to start the de-stress process as energy channels opened helping to create a general sense of balance and wellbeing. Your hands and arms will feel refreshed, relaxed, and rejuvenated.

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Oriental Body Balance.- Anmo Fu

Ancient healing systems based on Chinese theory, believe that our internal organs control and enhance both our psychology and physiology, so therefore our abdomen is the engine of our mind and our body. This abdominal massage therapy could be the most beneficial treatment system for the complete human being. Oriental Body Balance - Anmo Fu, is an abdominal massage which helps to move and produce QI and aims to release the twists and torsions in the bowel whilst balancing the internal organs.

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Oriental Body Balance - Gua Sha

Gua Sha to helps to release blocked Qi and is an invaluable treatment for musculoskeletal problems as well as internal organ conditions, including respiratory and hepatic inflammation. Gua Sha mimics sweating by moving fluids outwards and opening the surface of the skin to release heat, hence resolving fever and heat quickly. Scientific studies have established that the scraping action of Sha therapy works to produce temporary therapeutic petechiae, known as Sha.

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Dien Chan Zone - Facial Reflexology

Balance and free your energetic pathways with this Italian facial reflexology. Ideal treatment at any time, especially lunch hours, after work or before an important event. Great for treatment of headaches, migraines and much more. A new way of reading the face, Dien Chan Zone is a wonderfully gentle, yet powerful form of Facial Reflexology.

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Holistical Rejuvenating Body Therapy

HolisticalnRejuvenating Body Therapy leaves you feeling energised or relaxed, it’s your choice. Through skilfully manipulation of soft tissues it helps your body’s own inner chemistry ad it enriches the circulation of blood and improves you muscle tone. Great for helping with joint mobility, easing aches and pains and enhancing relaxation. A full body massage is applied to the back, neck, legs, feet, arms, hands, shoulders, upper chest and face. This Holistically Rejuvenating Body Therapy has an immediate physiological effect on the local area being worked on and it also affects the whole of the body through stimulation and relaxation of the muscles and the nerves.

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Mindful Ayurveda’s therapies are based on Eastern medicine systems. Energy flows through all living things and is vital to our wellbeing being. The energy is known as 'Ki' in Japan, 'Chi' in China and 'Prana, in India. Reiki is a Japanese energy healing treatment known as “laying on hands” and the word reiki actually means universal energy. Reiki aims to change and balance the ‘energy fields’ in and around your body to help on a physical, psychological, emotional and spiritual level. Just as with Mindful Ayurveda’s Ayurvedic, Chinese and other Japanese therapies, it is believed that when life force energy is low, disease can take hold.

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Hopi Ear Candling

Hopi Ear Candling, also known as Thermo Auricular Therapy, provides a non-invasive treatment that may help to improve problems found in the regions of the ears, nose and head. Hopi Ear Candles are not actually candles but are hollow tubes made from linen, infused with pure beeswax. Both ears must be treated at the same time, it is not possible to treat one and not the other. Children can be treated provided they are able remain very still. Hopi Ear Candling is a natural alternative to syringing of the ears.

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Oncology Light Touch Therapy

The touch of a therapist who has been trained in Oncology Massage is like that of no other. I have trained in six different courses so your treatment can be adapted to meet your needs. Some people worry that massage could cause cancer cells to spread to other parts of their body. Research has not found any evidence of this. I will avoid any areas affected by cancer, such as tumour sites or lymph nodes. Through gentle massage, you will be able to relax your mind and body, relieve tension and enhance your mood.

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Ayurvedic Yoga Massage - Level 3 Jennifer Young Oncology - Massage 
Jennifer Young Oncology - Specialist Scalp Massage 
Kore Academy - Anmo-Fu 5 Elements Abdominal Massage and Tongue Diagnosis
British School of Yoga Diploma in - Anatomy and Physiology
Soul Awakening Academy  - Chakra Life Coach
British School of Yoga - Holistic Approach to ArthritisTri-Dosha Ayurvedic Massage Therapy - Pinda Sweda, Padabhyanga, Udvartana, Marma Full Body Massage, Shirodhara, Shirobhyanga, Mukabhyanga, Holistic Facials
British School of Yoga Diploma in -MassageTri-Dosha Masterclass on Mindfulness and Meditation
British School of Yoga  - Spiritual HealingTri- Dosha Meditation Teacher
Dru - Ayurveda Foundation CourseTri-Dosha Meditation Experience 
Dru - Ayurvedic Masseur in Full Body AbhyangaTri- Dosha Holistic Clinician Ambassador  

Dru - Ayurvedic Masseur in Mukhabhyanga (Head and Face)
Dru - Ayurvedic Masseur in Pristha Marma . Abhyanga (Back Massage)
Total Therapy Certificate in - Chinese Gua Sha
Dien Chan Zone - Italian Facial Reflexology 

Tsuboki - Hand and Arm Massage 
Fertile Body Method Therapist
Tsuboki - Face Massage 1 and 2 
Jennifer Young Oncology - Balanced Body & MindVTCT - Indian Head Massage
Jennifer Young Oncology - Holistic Facials  VTCT - Thermal Auricular Therapy (Hopi Candles)
Jennifer Young Oncology - Indian Head MassageUsui Shiki Ryoho - Reiki Master
Jennifer Young Oncology - Lifting and Rejuvenating Facials

"Mindful Ayurveda does not claim to cure or to diagnose any medical condition in the same way as a doctor/physician. Their opinion is that of a holistic, complementary and alternative therapist and their professional opinions, advice, examinations and recommendations do NOT constitute the medical advice of a doctor/physician".

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