Flowing Abhyanga

FLOWING ABHYANGA - £50 | 60 Mins

Traditional Ayurvedic massage, Flowing Abhyanga, is a full-body treatment. Abhyanga is the Sanskrit word for oil massage. Abhyanga massage has many physical, mental, and spiritual benefits.

In order to find inner balance, Ayurvedic massage, such as abhyanga, plays an important role. Oil massage is both meditative and soothing.

Relax your tight muscles, clear energy pathways, and restore balance to your body with this traditional Ayurvedic massage.

The flowing treatment also has several other important advantages besides its profound effect on the nervous system as you will feel peaceful and tranquil.

Exfoliation, better sleep, better circulation, and stress reduction are among the benefits of this treatment


”It was my first time going to Mindful Ayurveda and I will be going again. I was seen by Janet, a beautiful woman with a touch like an angel it was heavenly I could have stayed there for hours thank you.”