Foot | Leg - Padabhyanga

“It is thought that disease does not go near a person who massages his/her legs and feet from knee to toe regularly.”

Foot |Leg Massage – Padabhyanga – 45 mins £40

Massage of the marma points on the feet stimulates the lymphatic and respiratory systems, as well as the heart and lungs. Additionally, it improves digestion, bone health and reproductive health. Blockages are also released through massages of the lower legs and knees. 

Padabhyanga benefits can help tired aching feet and is great after a long flight, after playing sports, or in any circumstance that your feet have to endure in daily life.

Traditionally, Padabhyanga has been used as a preventative health treatment in Ayurveda.

Ayurvedic medicine considers Padabhyanga massage the mother of all treatments. This treatment is also highly recommended for prevention and offers many health benefits.

As many as seven thousand nerve endings can be found on an individual foot. As a result of a foot massage, vital pathways are stimulated, stagnant energy is released, and the entire body is revitalized.

As the feet have marma points, so do your knees and legs, so this treatment includes them as well.

This remedy is beneficial for a variety of things, including soothing nerves, improving sleep patterns, relaxing the body, being a helpful remedy after a long flight, being useful and beneficial to runners and other sports people, as well as being beneficial for preventative health.