Indian Head Massage

Indian Head Massage - Champissage £40 | 45 Mins

Indian head massage boosts your immune system and oxygenates your brain.

Although Indian Head Massage concentrates on the upper body, it actually relaxes the whole of your body. 

Unblocking blocked energy helps on a mental, physical, and spiritual level as well. This treatment is also known as Champissage. 

This treatment can relieve chronic neck and shoulder stiffness, improve lymphatic circulation, and improve sleep quality. In this treatment, heated oil is used, but you can choose without oil if you wish.

Indian Head Massage is one of the most effective therapies in the Ayurvedic system of health and wellness.

Massage improves brain oxygen supply and reduces stress by stimulating 37 Marma points. The increased oxygen supply to the brain facilitates clearer thinking and promotes creativity.

This powerful, remedial treatment will leave you feeling totally renewed.

An energy treatment of the head follows a massage of the upper back, upper arms, lower arms, and face.

Ayurvedic oils infused with fennel and eucalyptus are used. Fennel benefits the scalp, reduces anxiety, and improves mental clarity. Moreover, Eucalyptus oil contributes to tranquil calmness.

A treatment that is great to relieve anxiety, and stress, relax and bring relief to tight facial muscles.