Pinda Sweda Massage

PINDA SWEDA - £50 | 60 Mins

Pinda Sweda soothes overworked muscles and calms your mind.

This ancient Ayurvedic treatment relaxes tight muscles with heat and herbs from the bolus bag and warm medicated herbal oils. Boluses, or herb bags, are traditionally prepared by combining herbs and tying them together with linen cloth. 

Pinda Sweda massage also relieves pain, swelling, and stiffness by stimulating blood circulation and soothing nerves and muscles. Besides releasing stress, it induces sound sleep and promotes complete relaxation. Massage therapy benefits muscle and joint pain, stiff necks, back pain, and fatigue. 

Menopausal symptoms as well as fibromyalgia may be relieved by Pinda Sweda's detoxifying properties. A client who is open and receptive to this healing therapy can benefit greatly. Pinda Sweda rejuvenates and reenergizes the entire body.

Sweda means to sweat, so this treatment induces sweating to remove toxins. Through the pores, therapeutic oils are absorbed into the body.

In addition to reducing water retention, Pinda Sweda relieves aching joints and muscles. Athletes benefit from it because it addresses sore muscles and weak joints. 

Pain is nature's way of protecting you, so seek medical attention for undiagnosed pain.