Stomach Massage

Stomach Massage - Nabhi Abhyanga 45 mins £40

Relax your body and mind with this Eastern stomach massage.

Having challenges that keep you in a stress response for too long affects the gut. Stress can cause blocked stomach energy.

Nabhi Abhyanga involves specific massage techniques that address these imbalances. As blood and fluid circulate freely in the body, the digestive tract valves begin to work more efficiently, increasing nutrient absorption.

As part of the treatment warm oil is poured into the navel which is the main centre for digestion, circulation, and Agni - the fire of digestion. According to the Ayurvedic practice of belly button oiling, it can detoxify, nurture, and treat ailments in the body

By using your belly button as a portal for substance absorption, you consume substances in a manner known as the Pechoti method or the Pechoti intake method. This gland has largely been ignored because there is no solid evidence for its existence. It is a system of pure medicinal delivery like no other.

With this method of oiling and the unique massage techniques, this is a must for optimal health.