The Amnanda Process

The Amnanda Process - £50 | 70 Mins ***

For clients over 22 years with no severe mental illness.

Amnanda is a 12-month rejuvenating oil treatment developed in the Tibetan Ayurvedic tradition. Touch, herbs, oils, and compassionate presence assist the body and mind in releasing deep tension.

Ayurvedic theory says that tension can be found in cells and tissues. As a consequence, we often show premature signs of ageing due to these residues. Through dissolving these traces, Amnanda encourages revitalisation at the cellular, emotional, and spiritual levels.

In Ayurvedic terms, Rasayana means rejuvenation or renewing. Amnanda's herbs and oils are therapeutic. Each one of us has a Self that sits silently and still in the middle. This is the blissful sheath. When you discover how food, thoughts, breathing, emotions, and stress impact your life, the Amnanda Process helps you move toward bliss.  

Our first session discusses what is going on in your life, and each subsequent session discusses your feelings or experiences over the last month. Afterwards, a gentle massage using herb-infused oils. Amnanda sessions end with a 5-10 minute rest.

Two specially formulated herbal teas enhance the cleansing and healing effects of oil treatments: Amaiva Green Tea boosts the immune system, Woman/Man Vital Tea balances hormones. For two months during the year, a tincture is taken daily to strengthen and tone the skin.

This treatment has been successfully completed by many clients of Mindful Ayurveda, both male and female.

Among the reasons you may want to start:

  • Your grieving is stuck.

  • Start a new career or reach a crossroads in life.

  • Planning a family - either as a father or mother, during pregnancy or after birth.

  • It's the beginning of something new.

  • Parenting small children.

  • Changing your lifestyle or approaching retirement.

  • Slow down aging.

  • Your self-healing ability has been compromised by past injuries.

  • Trying to find peace.

  • Feeling blocked in your happiness by past experiences and seeking greater clarity in your life goals.

  • Become happier and more relaxed

*** Teas and tinctures are extra to the treatment cost.


Finding Mindful Ayurveda has been an absolute revelation for me. It is about self-care, self-love, preventative, and restorative health solutions for our wellbeing inside and out.

What gives the wow factor, the oh my gosh, that is like heaven is the one giving the treatment. That is Janet she is an unbelievably kind human being, calm, generous of spirit, a rare person in this day of age.

Her treatments have to be felt to be understood, so much so that for me it is life changing, life affirming. So thankful. John 🙏


I can personally recommend this place as I regularly have treatments that have taken me through an amazing process of my own. Janet Mantle is kind caring very considerate of your needs, has the gentlest of touches but the effect is very powerful in its healing for your body.


Janet Mantle and the therapies she uses have helped me to move forward in a much better way since Brian passed, I can highly recommend her. Janet enables you to open up to your own healing ability to heal in a gentle unobtrusive way to help you find balance from within to find peace of mind as well as body. Take time for you today give Janet a call you will not be disappointed.