Udvartana - Detox Treatment

Udvartana £40 | 45 Mins or £50 | 60 Mins

Ayurvedic detox and exfoliation treatment 

This invigorating detoxifying treatment originated in India and uses Ayurvedic herbal powders. During this treatment, an Ayurvedic herbal dry powder is rubbed onto the skin along with hot oil infused with herbs. By using powder, oil and massage techniques, impurities are drawn out and the adipose tissue under the skin is broken down.

All the herbs and oils help create lightness and remove blockages and stiffness. Udvartana acts by liquefying fat tissues. The application of herbal powders and oils to the skin opens the pores, removes blockages in the vessels, increases heat in the tissues, and promotes fat metabolism in the body.

Natural ingredients exfoliate the skin and leave it glowing. It is an excellent treatment before and after a sun vacation.

The use of Udvartana regularly, when combined with a healthy diet, may be effective in reducing cellulite and promoting weight loss. Udvartana treatments work on the liver, kidneys, colon, lungs, and lymphatic system.