Keralan Uplifting Facial

Keralan Uplifting Massage £45 | 60 Mins

Enjoy a complete cleansing and youth-enhancing deep massage treatment; it's immensely relaxing and has immediate results! It is one of the most popular treatments for the face and neck to receive an extremely relaxing facelift massage. The tradition originated in Kerala, India.

There will be a gentle cleansing process followed by the application of Ayurvedic oil along with rose water to your face. You will be treated to a massage of the head and neck, and neck stretches, along with detailed techniques, as part of the facial routine as well as neck stretches. Deep massages increase the circulation of blood and remove toxins from the body. There is nothing better than feeling relaxed and rejuvenated after a massage.

Providing a deep cleansing and youth-enhancing massage treatment. 

An excellent remedy for neck tension, facial tension, relaxation, and anti-ageing.